How to choose your hairstyle depending on the shape of your face for men

Today we live in modern world where appearance is something very important for many of us. We present ourselves with our looks to the other members of society, so naturally we all strive to look good. Our appearance gives us the opportunity to express ourselves to the others and tell them something about ourselves without having to say even one word. It is proven that people who look good and constantly take care of their appearance does not only have better social life, but often achieve more professional successes. Even though our way of clothing is big part of our appearance, the part of our bodies with which we are remembered and recognized is the face. Every person has different facial features, which are given to him by birth, but there is one thing he can choose – his hairstyle.

Although, when it comes to choosing hairstyle there are many things you have to consider when choose the right one for you, such as fashion, job, personal preferences, the shape of your face is always an important factor of how good will a haircut look on you. There are six general face shapes and here are some tips that will help any man choose the perfect hairstyle for him.


Oval face

Men born with oval face are considered really lucky. Because of the symmetry these faces have, almost all types of hairstyles will look good on them. Still, you should avoid long forward fringes as it makes your face features way too round and need a best pomade for curly hair to comb the curly hairs. Aside from this you are fee to try everything and choose which hairstyle suits you best.


Triangle face

Men born with triangle faces have wide jawline with a narrow forehead. The good hairstyles for men with this face shape are the ones which compensate this difference. Look for something with volume. Your hairstyle should feature long hair that will fill the sides.


Square face

Many consider square face to be perfect shape for men due to its strong masculine features. Much like oval face every hairstyle should fit you perfect. Still something classic will probably suit you best. Short haircuts really give some sharpness to your jawline, making it stand out even more.


Round face

Round faces lack many definitive facial features and men with this facial shape will greatly benefit from a good haircut as it will bring some angles to their face. If you have similar face structure you should go for haircuts with height on top and really short sides. This will create the illusion of square-like features for your expression.


Oblong face

Men with oblong face shape can also choose from great variety of haircuts. Feel free to try everything you like, but you should stay away from hairstyles that have tights sides, as they can make your face look way too long.


Diamond face

Men with diamond shaped faces have narrow brow and chin, while their cheeks have some width. If you are born with such facial features consider yourself lucky, as men with diamond shaped faces are pretty rare. You should go with hairstyles that add width to your forehead, but are still not so tight on the sides.